FOCS 2007 Visa Requests

FOCS 2007 Visa Requests

Visa Request Process

Some foreign attendees will need letters of invitation to obtain a visa. Visa letters will only be issued to either:

Please fill out the following information and fax or email it to the local organizers of FOCS 2007 (email us at using the username focs2007 or fax to (401)863-7657 with attention: focs2007). A visa letter for the FOCS 06 conference will be mailed or faxed back to you. Please be sure to register for the conference before requesting a visa letter if you are not a speaker, presenter or committee member.

Email Address:
Are you an IEEE Member? Yes No
If Yes, Member Number:
Are you a speaker/presenter? Yes No
How would you like your letter sent? Mail Fax
If Fax, please write Fax Number here:
If Mail, to what postal address should the letter be mailed? (Write information below)



City: State/Province: Zip Code:

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