FOCS 2005 Tutorial Travel

The tutorials will be on October 22 at Carnegie Mellon University, which is about 5 miles from the hotel; here is a map showing the relative locations of the two places. You can either take public buses or taxis to CMU: the buses cost $1.75 each way, and the taxis should cost about $10 each way (and hence should work out to about the same if you split it 4 ways). The tutorials are being held at the University Center, which is location C on the map below. (Larger map here, and color map here.)


The fare is $1.75 each way. A quirk of the Pittsburgh bus system is that you pay when you get on when going towards downtown, and you pay when you get off when going away from downtown. (A useful tip: if the driver has his/her hand covering the fare box when you get on, you pay when you get off. Or just ask the driver.)

Taking buses from the Hotel to CMU:

From the hotel, walk a couple of blocks to 5th Avenue at Smithfield Street. Catch any of the following buses: Note: there are other buses that go to Carnegie Mellon, but these are the ones most likely to be running on Saturday. If in doubt, ask the bus driver if the bus goes to CMU.

Bus back from CMU to the hotel

We will probably all catch the buses back as a big group, but just in case, here are details for returning back to the hotel. Once you get out of the University Center (marked C on the map), you can catch buses (numbers 61* or 67*) by crossing Forbes Avenue and waiting at the bus stop just west of Morewood avenue (Y on the map). Or you can walk to 5th avenue and Craig street (Z on the map), and get a bus (numbers 71* or 500) from there. Get off the bus at Grant Street and walk two blocks north to the Omni William Penn.

The bus numbers are the same as the ones used to get to CMU. Do not catch the 28X (the little airport bus): it usually does not drop off passengers downtown.


Here are numbers of some taxi companies, or ask the hotel concierge to get a taxi for you.