Workshops and Tutorials

Tutorial at FOCS 2014: October 18-21, 2014

The Center for Encrypted Functionalities is organizing a Tutorial on Obfuscation at IEEE FOCS 2014:

Brief Description:

The goal of general-purpose program obfuscation is to make an arbitrary computer program “unintelligible” while preserving its functionality. Obfuscation allows us to achieve a powerful capability: software that can keep a secret. This tutorial will cover recent advances in obfuscation research, yielding for the first time constructions of general-purpose obfuscation mechanisms based on firm mathematical foundations. This work has been hailed as a "watershed moment for cryptography" (Quanta, the Simons Foundation Magazine).

Schedule (October 18, 2014):

  • 2PM - 3:30PM: Amit Sahai (UCLA)
    • Introduction to Obfuscation
    • Obfuscation Constructions and Security
  • 3:30PM - 4PM: Coffee Break

  • 4PM - 5PM: Allison Bishop Lewko (Columbia)
    • Applications of Obfuscation
  • 5PM - 6PM: Dan Boneh (Stanford)
    • Multilinear Maps and Efficiency of Obfuscation