Foundations of Computer Science (FOCS 2006) Submission Server
Deadline: Tuesday, April 11, 2006, 16:59 (EDT)


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Welcome to the Foundations of Computer Science (FOCS 2006) Submission Server

In case of problems with the submission server: Please contact Joe Kilian ( You must include the string "CCC" in the subject line of your message, or your email is likely to be discarded unread.
(Note: automated messages will also be coming from this address)

For more general questions regarding submissions: Please contact Sanjeev Arora (, the program committee chair.

Format requirement: All submission must be submitted in postscript. Submissions in other formats (pdf, doc, odt, html, ...) will be rejected by the server.

Guide to the server

At the top of most screens, you will see the following options:

These are links to operations you can perform. Some of these operations are only relevant if you have selected a paper; when not relevant, such options are "greyed out". For example, this page may be reached by clicking the HELP/HOME link. In addition, there is a LOOKUP form, in which you may put the ID number and password for a submission you would like to inspect or modify. The options are as follows:

This option will take you into a form in which you fill in information regarding a new submission: name, title, authors, contact email, etc. Perhaps the most cryptic option is the "password" field. You may fill it in however you wish (though weird characters might cause problems), or leave it blank. However, if you leave it blank, you will allow anyone in the world to easily mess up your submission. Ideally then, you should pick a password that you and your coauthors can remember, but which cannot be guessed by anyone else; we recommend spelling your last name backwards. Please make sure that you put a valid email address into the contact field. If you must put two or more addresses, please separate them by commmas. You do not need to upload a paper when you first submit, but there is no need to make it into a two-step process (unlike earlier systems you may be used to). The system will make a cursory check of your postscript file, to see if it is well formed. If you successfully submit a paper, you will be given a status window, which will also tell you your ID number. At this point, the REVISE/UPLOAD, WITHDRAW, and STATUS options will become available.

Hitting the REVISE/UPLOAD option will present you with a similar form to the NEW PAPER form, except that the fields will be filled in with the current values. You may change these fields, and upload a new file if you wish.

Hitting this option will withdraw your paper. If you have a change of heart, you may revise it and upload a new postscript file, and it will be resurrected. Performing a REVISE operation without uploading a postscript file will not change the withdrawn status.

This option will give you the current submission status of your submission. This system currently does not report on the final accept/reject decision, or give you author comments; you will receive this informaion by email to the contact address.

The LOOKUP form takes an ID # and password, and takes you to the STATUS screen for that paper (if it exists).

This option takes you to this page.